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Слайд 1, ecological Problems Pollution and protection of our environment. Презентации из категории, лучшее на, категории PPt4WEB. Слайд 9, modern ecological problems greenhouse effect, слайд 10 acid rains. PPt 4, 3дмакс видео уроки web Хостинг презентаций, похожие презентации, главная экология / Environmental problems in Kazakhstan. Скачать эту презентацию, скачать эту презентацию слайда 1, описание слайда: Environmental problems in Kazakhstan"The nature should be protected as we protect human lives haikovsky слайда 2, описание слайда: Environmental problems of our Republic: The Aral Seas problem The Caspian Seas problem Atmospheric pollution Wind. Слайд 7, water pollution Water recourses is one of the main factor of existing life in our planet. Описание слайда: Semipalatinsk nuclear test site The gravest environmental threat to Kazakstan comes from radiation, especially in the Semey (Semipalatinsk) region of the northeast, where the Soviet Union tested almost 500 nuclear weapons, 116 of them above ground. Слайда 5, описание слайда: Atmospheric pollution Environmental pollution, especially atmospheric pollution, is another urgent problem in Kazakhstan. Слайд 13, iII Using of conservation technologies and rational distribution of industry. Слайда 8, описание слайда: слайда 9, описание слайда: Thank you for your attention! Слайда 6, описание слайда: Wind erosion Wind erosion has also had an impact in the northern and central parts of the republic because of the introduction of wide-scale dry land wheat farming. X Код для использования на сайте: Презентация на тему: Environmental problems in Kazakhstan. Скачать эту презентацию, если скачивание материала не презентации бесплатно александр твардовский началось, нажмите еще раз "Скачать материал". Слайд 5, air pollution. Слайд 4, ecological problems air pollution water pollution soil pollution. Слайд 6, virtually not only human beings pollute the air but nature itself can cause damage, for example volcanic eruptions. Слайда 4, описание слайда: The Caspian Seas problem The Caspian Sea is an inland salt lake between Europe and Asia, bordering Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Iran. Слайд 2, ecology is a science. Описание слайда: The Aral Seas problem Currently, humanity has plenty of global environmental problems that it has to take care of now. Слайд 3, people have always polluted their surroundings.